About Femke Beumer

Femke joined Lilly in 2009 and was the Policy and Communications Manager for the Lilly team in Brussels from until May 2014. Femke led the development of policy position papers on key European legislative proposals related to healthcare, pharmaceuticals, innovation and industrial policies. As one of two founding authors,  Femke has played a key role in establishing and managing the digital communications channels for Lilly in Europe, most notably LillyPadEU. Prior to joining Lilly, Femke worked as a political advisor to a Dutch Member of European Parliament (MEP) on public health and food policies. In 2012,  Femke was also appointed Vice-Chair of the Brussels New Generation (BNG) group run by the British Chamber of Commerce, a role she enjoyed until the end of its mandate in May 2014. Click here for Femke Beumer’s LinkedIn profile.