Shared Goals for Building Better Health Outcomes

My colleague Amy O'Connor originally shared this slideshare via LillyPad U.S.

Every four years, the top players from countries across Europe and around the world come together for one reason: The World Cup. This year’s theme, “All in one rhythm,” puts a particular emphasis on the elements our industry shares with football leagues around the globe.

In Europe and around the world our industry frequently talks about how we can work together to discover new medicines and make life better. From our efforts to work together to find better health outcomes for the future, to our work to implement policies that harmonize our differences, we rely on one another to achieve our goals.

As the games continue in Brazil this week, I would like to share how we can join ‘all in one rhythm’ with the rest of the world to discover new life-saving treatments:

 As you continue watching the matches of your choice, remember to take a minute to think about the goals we share and how we can improve global health.