Bringing Innovative Medicines to Patients

The many health care providers working at Eli Lilly and Company − including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists − play a vital role in bringing new and innovative medicines to patients. From research labs to doctors' offices, these Lilly employees bring unique insights about patients, and ensure that patients remain at the center of drug discovery and development, as highlighted in a new video released by the company.

"To deliver great medical outcomes, you must have a deep understanding of the people you are treating," said Dr. Brad Woodward, US Medical Leader for Lilly Bio-Medicines. "Our diverse pool of medical professionals contributes virtually every step of the way -- from drug discovery and FDA approval to ongoing patient and provider education -- all while keeping the patient at the center of everything we do."

The depth and breadth of medical expertise at Lilly extends broadly, to clinical research, bioethics, regulatory, medical information, quality assurance, epidemiology and beyond. That medical reach extends beyond company walls and into the healthcare community, where Lilly health care providers partner and collaborate with renowned scientific organizations, researchers and advocacy and medical associations, bringing together the brightest minds and driving innovation with the latest technological tools to find answers to some of the most urgent unmet medical needs.

Health care providers working at Lilly include more than:

  • 500 physicians
  • 700 pharmacists
  • 1,400 scientists

For more information on the many ways health care providers that work at Lilly help keep the focus on patients, watch the video at: