Need Holiday Reading? We've Got You Covered!

It’s that time of year again. The days get warmer, and cities across Europe start clearing out. With plans made to head to the coast or to the countryside, the summer holiday is finally upon us. We’re joining in the holiday festivities and taking a break for the month of August here at LillyPad EU. We wouldn’t want to leave you without sharing our insights on European policy though, so we’ll say bon voyage with a few ideas for your travel reading:

  •  Partnering to Fight Dementia: With an ageing population, one of Europe’s largest unmet health needs focuses on dementia. Now that we’re in our 26th year of research and development in Alzheimer’s, we hope our goal of making the Alzheimer’s disease preventable by 2025 becomes reality. Fortunately, this isn’t a fight we’re waging on our own; we’ve joined in partnerships and collaborations to make life better for people living with dementia.


  • 4 Questions for the New European Parliament: The new European Parliament has settled in and their work for the next five years is just beginning. With the future of health and growth in their hands, the Parliament has the opportunity to support the life sciences in Europe. Therefore, we have some questions for Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the Members of Parliament.


  • Partnerships to Improve HTA Will Make Life Better: Despite Europe having some of the best healthcare available in the world, there remains a 10 year gap in life expectancy between European Union member countries. To narrow the gap, the EU Commission funded a “rapid Relative Effectiveness Assessment” to reduce duplication and unnecessary delays for getting patients access to the right medicines at the right time. We’ve written an article in support of the Commission’s HTA cooperation efforts.


  • Four Ways TTIP Could Make Life Better: As the negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) continue, we remind ourselves of the potential benefits of successful negotiations. From creating high quality jobs to speeding up patient access to new innovative medicines, TTIP has the potential to create economic gains and improve lives. 


Enjoy the fun, sun, and our bit of light reading. We’ll see you back here and on @LillyPadEU 1 September.