Health and Growth in the New Year

The New Year has arrived, and with it comes a fresh look at the issues facing the European economy.

Consider many of the challenges facing Europe: deflation in the Eurozone, a rise in chronic illness, an aging population and workforce, and increased global competition. While not easily solvable, a path forward exists.

Today, I wanted to highlight four posts that shine a light on opportunities for health and growth in Europe.


It will take action today to provide stability for tomorrow. The new year provides an excellent opportunity for the European Commission to develop an integrated life science approach looking across economic and public health policy, research, industrial policy, IP, and regulation that could help to deliver high value-add jobs and economic growth in Europe and improve the health and well-being for European citizens. A European Commission that supports an innovative industry supports Europe – in its health, its economic growth, and in its future.

What would you like to see on the 2015 agenda?