Tracking Every Step in Cancer Research

A version of this blog originally appears on LillyPad U.S.

Every new discovery starts somewhere. In cancer research, it’s necessary to understand where our fight begins before we know where we need to go. But what defines progress and success if you cannot track either? Without this information, we can’t make informed decisions about the path forward.

Accelerating the pace of cancer innovation requires a better understanding of how existing cancer innovations have impacted the health care community. That’s why Lilly Oncology’s Patient Access to Cancer care Excellence (PACE) initiative developed a new resource: the Continuous Innovation Indicators™ (CII). This online tool, discussed today at the Scoring Progress Against Cancer forum, tracks every step we make in cancer care; from the small, steady improvements to the large milestones.


Policymakers and health policy experts can use this tool to gain a better understanding of how value in cancer treatment evolves. This work should result in policy reforms that create greater access to cancer care or incentives for research and development into currently unmet needs. Informed policymakers could prove more likely to invest in health than those without exposure to evidence regarding the benefits of existing and novel treatments.

We now have the ability to identify the gaps that we need to fill. As we make progress in the fight against cancer, we must not lose sight of the value that each step can have for those affected by the disease. By working together to accelerate continuous innovation, we can give people more hope for fuller, longer lives.