LinkPad: Debating the Sustainability Conundrum

This week and next, the buzz around Brussels centers on the healthcare conundrum on the minds of many healthcare actors and familiar to frequent LillyPadEU readers: improving the sustainability of health systems for the benefit of all patients.

Today’s LinkPad previews three upcoming events which focus on exploring new models for health systems to meet Europe’s next societal challenges: 

  • Investing in health systems can do more than just improve people's health; economies and societies as a whole also benefit. The 1st Meeting of the EP Interest Group on Innovation in Health and Social Care hopes to spark a new dialogue on how to improve the effectiveness, and accessibility of European Healthcare systems without compromising quality of care for patients. 
    "Innovative Health Systems Reform: Meeting the Needs of Patients, Carers and Professionals" will take place 5 May from 8.00 - 9.30 in the European Parliament Members' Salon and we’ll be there to see both Dirk Van den Steen of DG SANTÉ and Christopher Schweirz of DG ECFIN take us through their respective DG’s thinking on this critical issue. 
  • Can you believe it’s nearly a year since the last European Parliamentary elections? A campaign focusing on how to advance universal access to health was kicked-off back then. On 5th May different stakeholders will come together to look at the issue one year on in the context of the new political landscape. Austria’s MEP Karin Kadenback and Nicola Bedlington of the European Patients’ Forum are amongst the speakers – find out more here and don’t forget to use the hashtag #AccessHealth. 
  • Through the lens of chronic diseases, Active Citizenship Network (ACN) is organizing an event on the occasion of the 9th celebration of the European Patients’ Rights Day to debate healthcare sustainability in the EU. MEP David Borrelli and MEP Gianni Pittella are hosting the event, which will discuss the role of prevention and innovation as part of the sustainability challenge. Click here to support the initiative, and we hope to see you there on the 12th May.