Our continued commitment to defeat Alzheimer’s

Today's post comes from Susan Betito, Alzheimer Community Leader EUCAN, and Hans-Peter Hundemer, Therapy Area Medical Lead CNS

Science is experimentation, iteration, and learning. This is something we are reminded of every time we learn that our efforts do not yield the results we had hoped for. Last week, we announced that one of our potential new medicines to treat people with mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease did not register significant treatment differences versus placebo. Naturally, we’re disappointed. At Lilly, we have been committed to Alzheimer’s research for nearly 30 years. It’s disheartening to learn that you cannot shout “Eureka” just yet. Sola, as we call it, was the most advanced potential new medicine in our Alzheimer’s pipeline, but it’s not the only one. Our bench is deep, with seven potential Alzheimer’s medicines in various stages of development.

Our resilience is even stronger, and we refuse to give up. Right now there’s no way to slow, cure or prevent this devastating condition that robs people of their memories, their relationships and their lives. To echo the commitment shared by retiring and incoming CEOs John Lechleiter and Dave Ricks, we remain engaged in research to meet the expectations of millions of people living with Alzheimer’s, their friends and families, who count on us to find a medicine that can slow its progression. It’s back to the drawing board – now, and for however long it will take to make Alzheimer’s dementia preventable.