Psoriasis partners in action

Today's LillyPad EU guest post comes from Mariana Guerreiro, Lilly International Corporate Affairs – Rheumatology & Dermatology

 IFPA annual partner’s meeting 2017

The status quo in global psoriasis care needs to be challenged. Meaningful collaboration and innovation to tackle this debilitating and often life-changing disease we believe is the key to radical change and on the ground improvements for patients. This month, I was fortunate to represent Lilly at the annual IFPA partner’s meeting, and to see first-hand the passion and commitment to improve the awareness, treatment and management of psoriasis. In addition, this importantly comes off the heels of a side-event at the World Health Assembly (WHA) on changing psoriasis practices and making it a top priority.

Lilly is a proud partner of the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA) and fully committed to having a major role in global coordinated efforts to improve the lives of the millions living with psoriasis. The IFPA partner’s event was attended by more than 50 IFPA members across four continents and offered a chance to discuss upcoming challenges and opportunities in psoriasis advocacy and communications. We reviewed preparations for World Psoriasis Day 2017 – coming up in October so mark your calendar (!) - and the World Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Conference 2018; participated in group workshops and also showcased activities that have been successful at local, regional and national group levels. It was exciting, encouraging and energising to work with those who share the same commitment as Lilly to improve the lives of patients living with psoriasis.

The power of collaboration

There is a rising trend and need for partnership and collaboration in health. By joining together, we can pool our time, networks and ideas to transform individual efforts into a powerful and singular catalyst for change.

Jean-Marie Dru, innovation expert and author, recently spoke at Cannes Health Lions 2017, a festival bringing together professioals from across healthcare communications, about the need for transformation in healthcare innovation through partnerships. Radical change – not incremental change, can be achieved only through greater collaboration and ingenuity amongst stakeholders. Examples shared by Dru highlight that innovation comes from working together, expanding networks and engaging with people who have different perspectives.

Psoriasis stakeholders are starting to adopt this approach, by speaking with, learning from and actively educating peers in order to encourage greater and faster progress in psoriasis. The power of working together to change psoriasis practices took place at this year’s WHA side-event “Psoriasis in the NCD Agenda – The Road to 2018”. Hosted by IFPA, the WHA event discussed why psoriasis needs to be a top priority across the globe.

Lilly will always be open and happy to engage with the psoriasis community and we are delighted to partner with IFPA members on innovative and meaningful campaigns that will help reshape the psoriasis environment. We are all in for the 125 million living with psoriasis and already can’t wait for IFPA’s 2018 partner meeting in Stockholm!

lilly post 13 July

Mariana Guerreiro, Lilly International Corporate Affairs – Rheumatology & Dermatology