IDF Europe Awards 2017

Today’s guest blogger is Professor Dr. Sehnaz Karadeniz, IDF Europe Chair.

In 2012, the International Diabetes Federation European Region (IDF Europe) launched the annual IDF Europe awards that recognize excellence, innovation, dedication and commitment in diabetes: the IDF Europe Young Researcher Award and the IDF Europe Long-Standing Achievement Award (sponsored by Lilly). Since the first edition, the quality of applications from all around Europe has been remarkably high, making the work of the Selection Committee difficult… and 2017 has been no exception.

This year’s Committee, composed of European jurors, has decided to recognize the work of two young innovative and accomplished women dedicated to increasing awareness and improving the lives of people with diabetes:

Cristina Cucchiarelli, winner of the IDF Europe Prize for long-standing achievement and member of the National Italian Diabetes Association of people with diabetes (ANIAD), is an inspiration for many in her country. As a professional athlete and a sports trainer with diabetes, she has a deep understanding of metabolic adaptation patterns during physical activity and has developed a specific training method for people with type 1 diabetes, achieving with great results. Her method, Pronking is based on bi-weekly trainings and provides a 40% average improvement of insulin sensitivity and daily insulin requirement. Her actions has contributed to increase the number of people who can balance their insulin therapy with the changing energy requirements. Cristina is also an active advocate for her association, especially at school camps.

Dr Shivani Misra, winner of the IDF Europe Prize for young researcher, is a bright young doctor and researcher with an impressive list of publications and invitations to national and international congresses. Dr Shivani Misra is investigating the phenotype of young-onset diabetes in different ethnic groups in the UK and she has been a dynamic force managing to set up, single-handedly, a large multi-centre national study that has recruited over 1100 participants from over 40 sites: the MY DIABETES study. This study is the first of its kind in the UK, recruiting people with young-onset diabetes from Caucasian, south Asian and African-Caribbean ethnicities. Though set up to identify the frequency and characteristics of monogenic diabetes, it also seeks to answer fundamental and important questions about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in ethnic minorities, a completely unstudied area. Shivani’s research is extremely impactful to ethnic minorities both in the UK and globally. Her findings will continue to shed light on the phenotypic differences between diabetes in different ethnic groups, with the aim of improving diabetes classification and treatment for people from ethnic groups.

Cristina and Shivani received their award and presented their activity during IDF Europe Regional Council which took place on December 3rd in Abu Dhabi, ahead of the IDF World Diabetes Congress.

Congratulations to the winners!

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