Five reasons why #WeWontRest

Over 2017, Lilly supported EFPIA’s #WeWontRest campaign to share the stories of the work we do to help meet today’s medical challenges.  So, how are we helping make the world a healthier and happier place? Here’s a roundup of our top five priorities in 2017 from researchers, patients and healthcare professionals.


  1. #WeWontRest until we discover a cure for Alzheimer’s

    But without the right incentives, our chances of doing so are reduced. Lilly has invested €3 billion over the last 30 years to develop a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s, without an approved medicine to date. Alzheimer’s drug candidates have one of the highest failure rates of any disease area. The overwhelming lack of success in research to effectively treat, slow or cure Alzheimer’s to date reinforces the value of the existing pharmaceutical incentives regime.

  2. #WeWontRest until we speed up innovation to patients

    An essential element of bringing medical innovations to patients is clinical trials. Key to evaluating if and how a drug works, this research is the backbone of medical development.  When designing clinical trials, we take into consideration the specific needs and concerns of participants. Encouraging eligible people to participate is vital to accelerating the development of lifesaving treatments.

  3. #WeWontRest collaborating with stakeholders to tackle psoriasis

    We all know progress can’t be made simply by pointing out what’s going wrong – we need to come up with solutions. ‘Encouraging policy action to address the psoriasis challenge’ is a call for change to governments and policymakers, scientists, health professionals, patients’ organisations and industry professionals, to join forces to improve the healthcare and social inclusion of the millions of people living with psoriasis.

  4. #WeWontRest providing people with diabetes with appropriate care

    Two weeks before the 2017 German elections, Lilly Germany took the opportunity to push diabetes higher up the political agenda through its Diabetes@Work initiative.  With Diabetes@Work, we’re striving to make e-health more accessible for diabetes therapies, specifically in the workplace.

  5. #WeWontRest until we change the picture of breast cancer for good

    Breast cancer is a significant public health burden in Europe, but general public understanding of the disease is limited. With several campaigns pushing for more awareness and policy change, the Know Your Lemons initiative stands out as one of the best informative campaigns on breast cancer seen in 2017.