5 key success factors for patient engagement

Patient engagement is essential in medicines development. And it is becoming increasingly important, as cures and treatments grow ever more complex. In all areas of medicines development, be it designing clinical trials or developing policy, gaining the direct perspective of people living with a disease or condition is imperative. If our scientists are to deliver breakthrough medicines, patient engagement cannot be an afterthought.

In this European election year, we must continue to support and promote patient engagement in the development of medicines. Having health systems that are geared around patients is essential to steer medical innovation in the right direction and ultimately enhance access for patients.

We recently spoke to Chito Zulueta, President of Lilly International, to discuss the crucial role patients and relatives play in shaping medicines development and delivery, from simple fixes through to deeper involvement in developing medicines. He highlights the following 5 key success factors for patient engagement:

1 – Engage early

2 – Listen carefully

3 – Focus on long-term gains

4 – Establish a continuous dialogue

5 – Measure success

Watch the video here:

“Providing genuine support for patients does not have to be fancy. It just has to work.”