Our Continued Commitment to Europe

#EP2014 - 27 days to go

Ever since our first Lilly subsidiary overseas was established in the UK in 1934, we have continue to grow our investments in Europe. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, below is a snapshot of Lilly's presence in Europe today.

infographic europe

For this investment to continue, and for the next generation of biomedical discovery to flourish, it is essential to have the right environment and incentives in place in Europe. We must ensure that robust regulatory frameworks and European legislation as well as pricing and reimbursement systems recognise the full value of medicines for patients, health care professionals and health care systems. In addition to this, Europe should ensure it has the most advanced intellectual property safeguards in place. Lilly also works in the context of partnerships such as the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) which helps coordinate and finance research and development. 

The biopharmaceutical sector is by far the EU's most R&D intensive industry and we must ensure Europe does not lose its competitiveness in the fight for R&D investments. Therefore, an EU life sciences strategy should be the cornerstone of any future EU industrial policy. The figures of our European trade association EFPIA speak for itself; the industry employs over 700.000 people in the EU and spends up to €30bn per year on R&D.

The current negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the US and the EU provide a great opportunity to break down barriers that make transatlantic trade expensive, and to reduce duplication for instance in regulatory inspections. In previous blogs we have expressed the main priorities from a biopharmaceutical industry point of view and here’s our position at a glance.

 Lilly in Europe

With up to 9000 people working across Europe, you can find Lilly operations in almost all European countries. We have two major sites in Europe, the UK and Spain, in addition to an extensive manufacturing network. In Ireland, Lilly has two manufacturing sites in Sligo and Kinsale. Click on the infographic below to find out more about Lilly in Ireland. 


Click on the infographics below to find out more about Lilly in Italy and France

Italy infographic









With just under 30 days to go until the European elections, we will continue to build the case for a more ambitious and integrated life science strategy in the EU. In the run up to the new parliamentary intake, we will continue to work in partnership with other organisations, and policy-makers to set clear priorities to ensure better health outcomes for European citizens, financially sustainable healthcare systems, and achieve economic growth in Europe.

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