Lilly in Europe: Fegersheim, France

Thumbnail image for Feg1.jpgLilly has been operating in France for more than 50 years.

Check out our infographic below for more details on our footprint and activities in the country.

France.JPGBased in Alsace, the manufacturing site in Fegersheim is Lilly's largest (over 1550 employees), and the fourth biggest factory in the Alsace region.

Feg2.jpgThe site accounts for 7% of France's biotechnology jobs and 8% of its pharmaceutical exports, making it an important industrial force in the region.

Below are some key facts on our manufacturing operations in Fegersheim, which prides itself on its objective to make high-quality medicines - - safely, compliantly, and with continuous improvement.


· Lilly's Fegersheim site specialises in the production of injection pens as well as biogenetic medicines in cartridges. It's also a pioneer in the industrial development of cancer and osteoporosis treatments.

· Exports more than 95% of what it produces. It is the top exporter in the Bas-Rhin area of France, and makes up 75% of Alsace's pharmaceutical exports. These exports go to more than 100 countries, 15% going to China.

Feg3.jpg· Production quality is key. Fegersheim has developed a string of advanced technologies, which, among other things, safeguard the production quality of injectable medicines.

· Employee care and development is a priority. More than 50% of Fegersheim employees have completed at least two years of undergraduate study and 25% hold a Master's degree. 6% of staff currently participate in continuing education.


Feg5.jpg· Diversity is at the top of the Fegersheim agenda. Our commitment to diversity empowers us to generate unique insights and ideas, create solutions and deliver innovations to improve patient outcomes.

· The 10-hectare site is made up of 55% men and 45% women.

· The Fegersheim site helps equip the youth of tomorrow by recruiting several interns a month. Last year it accommodated 61 work/study contracts.

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