Alzheimer's Disease

Millions of people around the world have received an Alzheimer's disease diagnosis — and millions more live with the emotional and financial toll that this disease takes on families and caregivers. Now, more than a century after Alzheimer's disease was first identified, researchers continue to make progress piecing together the puzzle of this complex and devastating disease. As the search for ways to slow and stop Alzheimer's continues, we must also focus our efforts on addressing the needs of people with the disease today.

An accurate and early diagnosis represents the crucial first step towards better outcomes for individuals with Alzheimer's, and the caregivers who stand by their sides in the fight against this disease. To meet Europe's societal challenges of today and tomorrow, we need to continue to discover. At Lilly, our vision is to collaborate with others to help make Alzheimer's dementia preventable by 2025, a key pledge outcome from last year's G8 dementia summit.