Corporate Responsibility

For more than 140 years, we have approached our company's business with a deep sense of responsibility to those we serve—patients, physicians and other healthcare providers, shareholders, suppliers, business partners, employees, and the local communities in which we operate. Lilly has demonstrated a commitment to be a responsible global citizen—in large part through a long history of philanthropic contributions. Our greatest contribution to society, however, is to continue to discover and develop innovative medicines.

Around the world millions of people, often the most vulnerable, lack access to quality healthcare and medicines. Overcoming this and other global health challenges is too complex for any single organization to tackle alone, which is why Lilly works with more than 45 leading global and national healthcare partners. Through the long-standing Lilly MDR-TB Partnership and the more recently established Lilly NCD Partnership, we leverage our expertise, resources and capabilities - along with those of our partners - to find new solutions to critical global health problems and improve health outcomes.

In the challenging, research-based biopharmaceutical industry, we are further committed to making high-quality medicines responsibly. We aim to achieve world-class performance by operating safely, minimising our natural resource use, and lessening our impact on the environment.